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Reply To: Free Will: Yea or Nay?



    Free will for me is our inalienable right to freedom of conscious choice.
    I believe wholeheartedly in free will. We have the ability to choose freely for better or worse our decisions in life. We have the freedom to make mistakes change our minds , live and learn.
    Our free will gives us the ability to answer or not the call to the hero’s Journey and choose where to enter the woods where no one else has traveled. The choice to seek to be a self actualized actuated individuated individual. To seek life liberty freedom the pursuit of happiness. To boldly go where no one has gone before.


    The Bible says “choose you this day whom you will serve”.


    I say yea to free will . “Simply let your yea be yea and your nay be nay” is an axiom of Western Civilization . Yea and nay , yes and no , are the binaries of logic. Yes said Mary at the Annunciation ! Yes said Molly Bloom !! Yes said JC to the call at Gethsemane , at Woodstock !!! Where shall you enter the garden, enter the woods , enter the Orchard ?


    Free will is what makes humanity so mythically majestic to gods and man !

    Free will is The choice of the underdog to persevere prevail fight for what is right and true.


    I think information and knowledge of our environment and the universe intimately affect and are part of our free will choices. For me informed choices are part of free will and not independent. How many have ignored denied the Call , replaced it with  security prestige position power ?


    I think the decision to be an individual of mythic proportion an avatar an innovator such as Moses Krishna Arjuna Buddha  Jesus   Martin Luther  MLKjr  Gandhi  is a conscious choice. Of course it is well known that many archetypical mythical attributes are added to the biography of individuals as time moves on and narratives grow. Free will allows us to choose to rise out of and from the joyful suffering of the world we experience, live in , and attempt to make it a better place.

    Through the eight fold path ?

    Through the eye of a needle ?

    Through the answer of the Call ?