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Reply To: Free Will: Yea or Nay?


    Stephen ,

    Great points and question.

    Much of the conscious unconscious decision process being debated is very important. Especially now with social media and it’s understanding of neurochemical stimulation addiction and its affect on the decision making process. I think what is important to put a metric on is , impulse stimulation and control. With the advent of neuroscientific  data some of the Freudian and Jungian language is becoming archaic and poetic. I think follow the data is a good adage .


    As for Fate and the Fates they serve a multitude of mythopoetic functions. The Fates the Graces the Muses and Grace all convey profound meaning to me and much of western civilization. Life is richer because of the contemplation that have been bestowed on them.


    “Groups of three female figures are quite common in Western art, but they can represent very different ideas. In fact, the two most common groups, which are the Fates and the Three Graces, are both associated with life, but the Fates represent destiny and death, while the Graces represent life at its fullest.”


    All are great mythic rabbit holes to explore. They enrich our lives.


    Fate freewill and chance shall always be debated and explored. There are many mythic traditions that point to them. The soldiers tossing the dice at the foot of Cross. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  The toss of the iching etc etc.


    Amor fati – Nietzsche’s love of fate naturally leads him to confront the reality of suffering in a radical way.


    For me I like Doris Day’s song Que Sera, Sera and

    Garth Brooks song The Dance …

    there is also the song Freewill by Rush a personal favorite from my youth !!


    Follow the science through the Grace of your heart !!!

    I felt this film and book touched on the themes at play here. I do enjoy