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Reply To: Standing on the lord of the abyss? No.


Hi drewie, by dualisms in relation to Joseph Campbells works, I mean that although he correctly points out that reasoning cannot explain the mystery of what or who we are, in his quote to Bill Moyers about the cause of myths being the energy conflicts between organs, he is doing precisely that. So yes, Joe is contradicting himself.  He also uses the term “beyond” and “utterly transcendent” and while I believe I understand what he is trying to suggest, in truth, there is no “beyond” nor is there something that is “utterly transcendent”, there is only THIS.

In declaring that we are standing on a whale fishing for minnows or that we are a lord standing on the edge of an abyss, is Joe not presenting awareness as if it/we are peering at our causal life-source as if looking down from above?

The whole point of ‘enlightenment’ is to clear away the belief that the mysterious (to the intellect) source or cause is somehow separate or different from what you or I ARE.  (Non mythical/symbolic) phrases such as “Being here Now” or “I am” are purposed to help one do just that.