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Reply To: Standing on the lord of the abyss? No.


Eternity is not a place, you, as awareness, are eternal. When you see this truth, your dualistic perspective of a field of time with all its thoughts of survival will gradually come to an end.  .  But of course in order to realize your eternal, unified nature, you must desire with all your heart to uncover this truth.  Joe acknowledged he was a scholar that collected knowledge, not a truth seeker.

I once was a myth maker.  It was a very helpful bridge between dualistic perspectives, as if from gross to subtle, but the bottom line is that any identification with image or thought causes a split perspective. So while it is true that the dualistic perspective is present in the seeking for Truth, if one does not realize that the dualistic perspective is wrong view (a Buddhist term) they will not be able to let go of their attachment to myth.