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Reply To: Standing on the lord of the abyss? No.


Thanks Stephen for taking the time to explain this even though you had all those medical adventures you mentioned. I hope for a hasty recovery man.

I am not sure if we can make a post reply editing because it seems to me that your reply fits perfectly in the “Understanding Campbell” conversation. I was gonna ask something along these lines especially after this conversation. Something like what did Campbell meant by saying “Transparent to the transcendent” or what did he meant by saying “one foot is in the field of time, and the other has stepped into eternity“? I think it fits with your reply.

My take is that Campbell want us to have one foot on the ground, you know, not fly too high like Icarus, that, would definitely cause some blisters and so he gives us tales that on how to live a human life. In Myths to Live by (Zen chapter), the story of Indra in POM, in Pathways to Bliss. Indeed the hero journey requires a return to be complete, it seems like he is always telling us how to live a human life, keep one foot on the ground. I have this fantasy to go to Alaska and live in a hut isolated from the world and discover whatever truth I am gonna discover there but then I am thinking what would be the point of that? So I stay involved in the world.

Anyways, just saying..