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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning


Hi Shaahayda,

Thank you for your post. You note some great points from your readings you mention here on dreams and yes in death experiences as you quote Fenwick, ” the phenomena at the time of death are amazing, absolutely amazing” and there are Jungian studies on these types of incidences and reports about them as well. I can equally say (though not in # of reports or incidents) that I have had these experiences also, and am not hesitant to discuss/admit to them (!) as you and I have discussed before; I have appreciated you  telling me about Peter Fenwick with whom I tend to agree, although I do have to say I am not as familiar with him as you are, though have followed these concepts elsewhere and have long tended to “believe” in them as another form/type of synchronicity. Also, you brought up some great statements of or about Jung and his theory of synchronicity, such as how he believed it was to be regarded as importantly as dreams and the like. Myriad books exist on these topics. Maybe a reading list can be composed and also let us all try to find quotes and passages of Campbell’s that correspond to our findings on synchronicity. James did bring up some good ones as did you with the mention of the classic essay of “On an Apparent Intention in the Fate of the Individual,” by Schopenhauer, who was a great influence on both Jung and Campbell.

Thank you for your post, and best to you always, Shaahayda,