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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning


Hello James,

Loved reading all your synch moments. You wrote, ” All I can say is Joseph mentions that every now and then you may stumble upon this sense of “profound mystery” that myths are the vehicle of. I barely knew this fellow and had no prior knowledge this event was going to take place. But what it did impress upon me was the sense of asking myself: “What questions does this experience raise to me about the meaning of my own life in the grand scheme of things?; “What does this tell me about all these big questions that people ponder?

Another thing is that these moments remind us that we are not one single cell living  in some confined space and time,  but we are larger than life. It also tells us that the best sculptor is the human heart which is a gateway to a new life — a life of wonder and surprises. A synchronistic moment is like a thunder bolt that comes down to shake us a bit and remind us of the oneness of all, as Jung said, “Synchronistic events … seem to point towards a unitary aspect of existence which transcends our conscious grasp — a unus mundus”