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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning


We can at most any time take a quote from Jung and use it to contradict something else he has said. This is sometimes because of Jung going through or examining different things/ideas/realities at different times of his life. Using one quote saying that we create our own meaning for life does not necessarily dispute his own theory of synchronicity–because, for one thing, we need to put these individual quotes in context of the entire text Jung included them in in order to do them any real justice, and secondly,  through all this conversation, a word that we may have forgotten is “acausal” and another is “coincidence.” The meaning is something we derive personally from an outer event–our inner world psyche is what makes or derives the meaning(s). And things can also sometimes be two or more things at once–at this point, we still cannot prove anything. However, I tend to believe that all the miracles and psychic powers are our psyches having an inner knowing which we at times seem to be able to connect to, such as a dream that seems to be telling us an important message. Now, some of these messages are synchronicity in a most mundane manner, such as me dreaming about drinking a glass of water then waking up thirsty! It might seem like synchronicity but indeed in a sense it is no coincidence and so it an example like that can be more due to biology than anything else, or as Freud first and then Jung would say in following a “wish fulfillment dream.” It would fulfill a wish if I dreamed I was drinking a glass of water when my body might have been parched the while I was sleeping! So there is a seeming meaning in these matters of synchronicity–some other theories I have is that the collective unconscious speaks to our individual psyches at times in matters of synch too. I tend towards the shamanistic way of viewing the world with being a symbolist so to speak–and I do see these symbols in synch as if they present almost as (or as) omens; however the key words to synchronicity are still “acausal” and “coincidence” yet “meaningful nonetheless.” If it is meaningful to us yet there is no cause outside of ourselves, then we can still also say

EDITED IN :–haha, here I think the universe was telling me to “Shut up!” because it cut me off–is that synchronicity or what?!?! I am not making it up! I must have said enough–I came back to edit this remark in,.