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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning


Hello Marianne,

It seems I am always thanking you for one wonderful post or another, but honestly,  this thread is so full of rich material, Jung, Freud, Marie Von Franz et al. Your knowledge of this subject is rich and expansive. When is your book coming out?

You wrote, “However, I tend to believe that all the miracles and psychic powers are our psyches having an inner knowing which we at times seem to be able to connect to, such as a dream that seems to be telling us an important message. Now, some of these messages are synchronicity in a most mundane manner..” Yes indeed. And I may add, one who has the experience of the miracle also knows and understands that its his personal psychological place that created the miracle.

I too see it that way that the ‘the collective unconscious speaks to our individual psyches at times in matters of synch too.’  And the key words to synchronicity are still “acausal” and “coincidence” yet “meaningful nonetheless.”

Regarding Drew’s comment, “How many people die in the world every day? Around 150k, we would have some serious electrical problems, I think, if that was the case.”  It was I who mentioned that a Neurologist/Scientist, working on a his research in a Medical Hospital, collected samples of  events that happened around the time of a person’s death. The clocks that stopped and  at what time they stopped was  significant and meaningful to the dying or the bereaved, not to the whole staff. I suppose not every single clock in the hospital stopped, just the clock in that dying person’s room. So I suppose electric issues could not be that dramatic. Peter Fenwick quotes Jung through out his many books and I’ll have to fetch those books to validate the comment.  Given that this Neurologist is still researching and writing about these events, producing his research in scientific journals, one would hope that his data is confirmed and validated , or challenged if untrue, and not published at all, if untrue…..would it not?

So, let me reproduce his comments here,

First of all, clocks do stop.  Yes, clocks stop!  Only these slow pendulum ones?  No, even the electronic clocks; they will flash the time of the person’s death.  Amazing.  You get alarms going off in the hospice; you get mechanical malfunctions – the television set- all at the time of death. “

And then there is this deep psychological connection to the animals and birds, where a meaningful goodbye is said at the precise time of a person’s death “So the animals know.  Your dogs will howl; your cats will know.  If (the dying person) was particularly fond of robins – well, there are robins that come.  And you get flocks of birds circling round, but you have to have this emotional relationship with them …………  And so there is this relationship between the bird and the person.  So there are loads of animal stories like this. “