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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning


Hi Drewie.

I intend no disrespect of your ideas or opinions, but rather I just do not quite understand them so therefore have a difficult time responding to your responses. You wrote to me, “But Marriane I didn’t contradict Jung’s quotes. I offer an alternative to your interpretation of his theory.” This I cannot understand from a viewpoint of alternative because I do tend to agree quite precisely aligned with Jung’s theory of synchronicity. I do not understand how my writings about what I believe to be synchronicity are not aligned to Jung’s. Therefore I am lacking understanding of what you mean. I can say that even when I say I believe in things that others consider “paranormal” that I consider most of what is considered paranormal to be normal (as said above) in being that I do not feel that these things that are supposedly “supernatural” are actually outside of nature/universal nature, or the nature/modus operandi of our universe. Jung did use astrology (natal charts) with some of his patients. I too tend towards astrology, and also I tend towards it as Jung did as simply another form of synchronicity–or his synchronicity theory at work. I am not saying anyone else has to believe what I believe because of course even in synchronicity as in all things of “belief” or “meaning” it is subjective. If I believe in synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence then it is I who put the meaning there! We can say for sure that it is a coincidence. Who can say for sure it is meaningful? And if someone else were with me when it happened, then who can say it had any meaning besides to myself except for the other person? an other person to whom it might have no meaning.

I may have misread your quote on Jung–but it seemed to me to not add up to use a Jungian quote to dispute a Jungian theory–I thought you were using one of Jung’s own quotes to dispute his own theory. I see now that you are using his quote to dispute my ideas and not Jung’s I suppose–I am not feeling as though I am thinking too clearly re your response. Maybe if I were to come back and re-visit on another day I would be reading you more clearly.