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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning



I agree with you when you say, “Sure life it self is a weird phenomenon and nobody can say with certainty what this whole thing is. That being said we have to work with what we have.” Even if I do believe in things that are metaphysical that does not have to mean they are true. No matter what, all we have are theories and no proof. That being said, I should also say you are right that in my posts–when I now review them–I did seem to add another layer or “dimension” (pun quite intentional!) to the idea of synchronicity as metaphysical that goes beyond the coincidental meaning–when I said I believe in the metaphysical and the paranormal and all that I can see how that would seem that I am adding another layer onto it as parallel to factual reality- I suppose that could be another or different discussion rather than one included in synchronicity; however, I might add that synchronicity theory seems to so often or almost always lead me here, to discussion on metaphysics and the paranormal. Para as in aside the normal–to me they are simply two parallel streets and I do tend to feel synchronicity as a part of that. But I also cannot prove any of it so again it is still “meaningful coincidence” and “chance.”