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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning


Hello Drewie,

In this forum, all have equal rights, and your interpretation is as valuable as another person’s. So when I write something as unusual as “clocks stopping”, you have much right to challenge me. Thank you for that.

That said,  I also look at the sample data provided by the researcher, hence I took the liberty in citing that. Although, your point is well taken, researchers should provide more data, whether all the clocks in the hospital stopped or the generators kicked in? These days, there is hardly a second’s loss between the cut off time of the main electric circuit and the turning on of the backup generator. Happens all the time in air on airplanes.

On another note, do you have Scandinavian or Northern Europe connection? I spent almost 2 + years in Scandinavia and found the name “Andreas” a pretty common name, amongst the Swedes and Norwegians.