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Reply To: On Synchronicity and Meaning



Such a fascinating essay and such a fun read too. What awesome and amazing experiences as a hitch-hiker. Are you really SIRIUS about running into a driver from the  Pleiades and her companion from the Dog Star?  Is there a book coming out on this topic, perchance? “Memoirs of a hitch-hiker..?”

One definition of Synchronicity resonates very deeply with me and it’s that “synchronicity is essentially direct insight” (Jung and Pauli) 

Personal story: .  (Pardon my repeating this story over and over again) But its through direct insight that I experienced my synch moment. The action was in outer space, that is on  the dance floor graced by Jeanne Campbell and Bob Walter, and just as Jeanne bent down to pick up some lost object from the floor,  a concomitant thought flashed inside me…The mystery that had grabbed me for a year, was suddenly, totally and completely resolved.  It was BOTH a result of an image outside of me, combined with my imagination and memory…..imagination works on our stored memories too,  does it not? The chance event on the dance floor met my inner necessity and made it meaningful. My synch moments  have resulted in pleasant happy insights, a mystery solved, the inner necessity appeased.   “ It is a parallelism that cannot be explained causally. Is it an invisible field effect linking multidimensional spaces? The operation of non-locality (Stapp, 2009)

You wrote, “Is there a scientific mechanism underlying synchronistic phenomena? Perhaps, and perhaps not. I’m quite comfortable viewing synchronicity as an upwelling from the unconscious. They remain very much a welcome part of my experience that provide invaluable information, though I don’t rely exclusively on synchronicity to chart my course any more than I do logic, emotions, or astrology.”

I came across a  study (I am sure you and many others have come across it too)  that explores many attempts to link natural science to Jung’s concept of synch, eg., the concept that states bio molecules involved in cell division esp . DNA, maybe material carriers of consciousness…Does that mean, there is more synchronicities among relatives, parents, siblings, cousins than with unrelated folks?  Just wondering.