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Reply To: What Happens After This Life?



So Peter Fenwick wrote, “And it is data that apparently throws some light on our current concepts of Heaven and Hell – that the near-death experience seems to offer.”  (The Truth  in the Light – Peter Fenwick).

Such themes of science inching closer to shed its light on traditions, so called superstitions, omens, beliefs,  hallucinations, and as you well put, ” something, though I know not what, does survive beyond the body” was also put to test in Japan in 2017.

My old friend Bill Powers, from MIT’s Media Lab, was conducting a seminar near Kyoto in 2017 when the conversation turned to artificial intelligence. One of the high-level Japanese executives present—from a celebrated international communications company—said that the great blessing of artificial intelligence would be that it might allow us to converse more easily with the dead. “I’d never thought of it like that,” Bill said to me next day. “Which of us would? That cutting-edge technology might be not so much about surging into the future as more freely accessing the wise ghosts of the past?” Iyer, Pico. A Beginner’s Guide to Japan (p. 142). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

As I recall, Stephen,  Did not Joe Campbell say something very similar,  many many years ago, (though I do not recall where) that is, science and religion will come closer instead of moving apart?