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Reply To: What Happens After This Life?


A Nurse/Director of a Health Care Center in Canada, BC is reported to have said, “No one dies alone in my hospital.” Why, she was asked. Her response: On her first meeting with her hospice patients, she asks, “Who do you think will come to collect you?” “Just dwell on that. ”

Hi Shahaayda,

Thanks for sharing. I worked as a  hospice nurse for a few months last year, and it was interesting. I got to see a few people who were on the edge of death, and in my 10-year nursing career I’ve seen a few die in facilities.

FYI – I haven’t heard other nurses talk much about NDEs or patients reporting common images or experiences. Of course, I’m just one person, and my experience is limited, but I thought I should mention that in my career, this information wasn’t passed around frequently or widely. Some topics were, but this wasn’t one of them… and the exposure I had to Chaplains in Hospice, they didn’t mention it either.

I can say that when someone died in the nursing home, we had a tradition in some places where we opened a window to let the spirit out. I always liked that tradition and did it when I could. Cheers.