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Reply To: What Happens After This Life?


Not exactly – my intention was simply to draw attention to the description of the Mythological Resource highlighted that week on JCF’s home page

Okay. Thanks, Steve. I was just checking, because I thought it might lead to an excerpt from the text or something. I was wondering if it was some material that was made to be reviewed online and then subsequently discussed by forum members or something like that.

Of course, that depends on the nature of the selection: this week’s resource – SurLaLanne Fairytales – is a website

Ahh.. okay, I see. So do people discuss these weekly resources referrals? Or does it have some other purpose?

Re: JC and “new age” – I hope I didn’t sound pretentious or anything. I’m somewhat of a fluffy hippie myself. I’ve got lots of incense in my van. I smudge with wild sage I picked in Eastern Oregon, and I love hot spring soaks and such – so no “judgements” from me. I just like hard scholarship, and that’s usually rarer than popular sentiments. In any case, I love it all 🙂

Interesting bio details of Campbell’s personal experiences with ritual, astrology and so on. Where did you hear about those adventures?

The Erdman-Egyptolgy text – are you reading it in German, or a translation? I spent a little time looking up Adolph Bastian, who JC referenced frequently (especially Elementargedanken). I only found a translation that’s a sort of digest of Bastian’s extensive work, and it was written in the 1980s – so that means JC was reading Bastian’s work in 19th century German?! LOL. He was definitely a b@d@ss scholar. The translator also remarked that Bastian wrote in a very prosaic, yet incredibly dense way that was too tedious for direct translation… So it’s not even “easy” German… if there is such a thing.

And more thanks for mentioning some popular reception and reactions to JC’s work. I like keeping abreast of pop-culture… wishcraft-blisscraft… love it.

Speaking of that sentiment, I lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 15 years, and I got to rub elbows with a lot of “rosey-eyed” folks (and a few, less rosey environmental “extremists” and radical left-leaning political types.) In that melange, I got to know a few yoga teachers and massage therapists and such, so I know I’ve heard the phrase “follow your bliss” somewhere, somehow… but I first really took note of it when I saw it mentioned in the TV series, “The Good Place” – are you familiar with it? If not, I highly recommend it. It was masterminded by a guy who’s both a successful Hollywood-type, and a philosopher. Very cool.

So if I want to follow the rigorous and systematic academic work of JC – what titles do you suggest I look at?