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Reply To: Science and the Horizon



Love your tribute to Jane Goodall!

That encompasses it all right to the heart! Beautifully expressed!
I especially love “restoring soul to science! That’s it!”

Yes Jane is magical! She is the embodiment of wonder! I agree!

I would also like to add and addendum.
Even though I mentioned Jane’s humility, also know she was a strong woman too who spoke her mind and passion, (because of her compassion for other living beings and humans) but that’s part of the hero/heroine quest. And think it’s only fair that I give a nod to that enduring feisty spirit that is also Jane.

My other love of Nature came through John Denver even though he was not a naturalist himself but his music was my soundtrack as a very little girl. His enthusiasm for wild places and the need to cherish them carried over.

And there was a state naturalist on our local PBS Rudy Mancke who did 30 min program after wild America.
he had a calm and lovely presentation and carried a butterfly net.

And Bernd Heinrich (ornithologist/naturalist) in Vermont/Maine is another one still finding truth, beauty and adventure studying/living with the natural world.


Just of the few wonderful individuals.