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Reply To: Science and the Horizon


Shaahayda Rizvi,

Just now saw your post! What beautiful experiences you have had! The owl and golden eagle. Wow! I’ve never seen a golden eagle in person…how wonderful! And this certainly touches on those transcendent experiences!
We put a conservation easement on our place back in the ‘80s…to protect the wildlife flora and fauna with the exception of cutting trees that fall across our right of way.
Years ago we had hawk counts held here…no goldens alas…but a local ornithologist introduced us to the hawks flying over (we already knew about our resident red tail hawks—love them—saw them teaching an overgrown juvenile to fly it crashed a couple of times but adorable.)

Sharp shins, broad wings, Cooper’s hawks, and peregrine falcons have all crossed. It’s sort of a mountainous area so have good view.

Deer are always a beautiful surprise.
As for owls we used to have Cinnamon Screech owls. Adorable they make the warble trill call at night.
Probably horns or barred owls in forest.

And I love hearing the lone Ravens distinguished by more guttural calls than the noisy crows.

in the fall coyotes sing that have moved into the area.

an occasional bears pass through but I keep respectful distance.

The peace of nature is very healing and beautiful and I thank the universe for the gift of being in it and experiencing it. It’s a treasure…the sound of wind in the trees rustling in leaves. The rain, the sun, the stars at night.

My Mother not only taught astronomy but also earth science and when I was real little, she would explain the difference between pinnate and palmate leaves…between maple leaves and oak leaves…rounded lobes white oak (or pin) or jagged lobes scarlet or black oak. And she showed me using crowns and tracing paper how to do leaf rubbings. Miss her.