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Reply To: What is the father, exactly?


    Hello Benjamin,

    You’ve hit the Mother lode with your question !
    From a mythopoetic perspective the Father encompasses both light and dark . Exegesis on   The Lords Prayer ( Our Father whom art in Heaven ) and Darth Vader ( I am your father ) is a good place to start. Check out Iron John by Robert Bly. He helps illuminate the topic.

    Benjamin comes from the Hebrew words ben (son) and yāmīn (right side or right hand). Enjoy your journey May it be a prodigal one that is fruitful in the end !!! “ Climb every mountain ford every stream” !!!

    I like James Joyce found this enjoyable. “In chapter one Mulligan states, “It is quite simple. He proves by algebra that Hamlet’s grandson is Shakespeare’s grandfather and that he himself is the ghost of his own father.”  !!!

    Always keep in mind “The child is the father of the man” …