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Reply To: The Fault Lies in the Stars?


Philspar – one further anecdote re synchronicity. The same day I responded to your comment, sitting in that Airbnb in Harlem (3,000 miles away from my usual haunts), I received an email from a colleague looking up background of Campbell’s attendance in 1936 at an Orson Welles production of MacBeth staged in Harlem, funded by the WPA, with an all black cast (he was looking for info on how Campbell would have traveled to the event).

Unbeknownst to my correspondent, I was at that moment staying just blocks away from the site of the play (the long since razed Lafayette Theatre), and, on my arrival from Connecticut, had disembarked at the same Harlem-125th Street train station as Campbell.

I doubt this coincidence would have seemed meaningful to most people – but it bore significance for me. Nothing earthshaking, no major realizations, but a sweet sense of affirmation about it. Though my trip wasn’t intended to be Campbell-centric, there were all sorts of little synchronicities along this line throughout my time in New York (including an unexpected morning wandering the Columbia University campus where Joe matriculated, again just blocks from my lodging, as well six hours in the American Museum of Natural History (which during childhood fueled young Joe’s interest in all things Native American, as well as his love of science) and a visit to the New York Public Library (where Campbell began his research for every single book he wrote)

. . . nice little reminders of the path I walk.