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Reply To: The Fault Lies in the Stars?


    Hi Stephen,

    It seems that while discussing synchronicities on this forum you encountered a synchronicity! Maybe we need a new “meta-synchronicities’ discussion thread!

    Or at least a ‘multi-synchronicities’ thread to cover the potential significance of synchronicities occurring in clusters or meaningful themes and sequences.

    For example, on the same day you sent this list of recent Campbell-New York synchronistic encounters, I received a message from an old Sydney Joseph Campbell Roundtable member about them potentially moving to New York from Australia.

    On the one hand you could argue that anyone interested in Campbell is more than likely looking for meaning in general – so as a group we are highly biased towards seeing meaning where others would only see coincidences.

    But on the other hand the specificity of these synchronicities makes it difficult to dismiss the connection as mere chance.

    Let’s see if this Campbell-New York theme continues!