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Reply To: The Fault Lies in the Stars?


    Just consider the time of Sumer, some 5000 years ago. That’s two and a half sign off of the current state. The Pole star was not in position, people gazed at the stars and reflected their lives. Images of experience were set into position above. Predictions came forth from the repetition of these same images a year later. The short live of man prevented them from deeper knowledge how that clockwork really worked. The same for the successors, the Babylonians, Greek, Romans. In another culture developed not a moon-related system, but a sun-related system instead. In the orient it is counted and framed into years. What did the mid-americans do? More various independend developed systems, explanations, lore, stories and myths. Most people are happy in their mythological system and use it to support their meaning of life. Comparing different systems, odds and evens, is another daring league. It is extremely difficult to translate through the layers of the individual ‘drive’: instinct, emotion and ratio. When you’re at a certain close distance to an impressionists painting, you can ‘feel’ the mood within as if you can step in, and observe the smears and dots put on the canvas with talent and technique. Both at the same time in realisation.