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Reply To: The Fault Lies in the Stars?


One meaningful observation I have made is that my dreams tend to be more intense and vivid on nights of 20ths – 22nds, and if I fast on these dates, that really seems to turbo-charge them even more.

Another aspect that’s important when it comes to astrology is one’s perception of the shape of the earth. If we’re living under a dome, with stars in fixed postions in a firmament rotating above us, like a grand clock, astrology takes on much deeper meaning, whereas if  we’re on a planet that’s the result of a random “big-bang,” this makes astrology seem less important and credible.

The shape of the earth is, curiously, something Campbell devoted quite a lot of pictures to in Hero, as well as the repeated pharse, “the world navel.” It has always struck me as interesting, the number of images in the book that portary the shape of the earth. For example, figures 8, 59, 60, 66, from different parts of the earth, from a time when people were supposedly unable to communicate with each other, all convey an identical conception of the earth’s shape, which could not be more of a juxtaposition to the final figure of the book, number 84, on the last page. Interesting, isn’t it?

To my mind, living under a dome on an essentially flat plane, would imply a sort of intelligent creation, which would absolutely make astrology more of a focal point of life, and the timing of various critical activities – conception, farming, spiritual and religious practices – of the utmost importance. Whereas, living on a planet, naturally astrology moves to the background in favor of prevailing cultural values and perceptions.