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Reply To: The Fault Lies in the Stars?


    Campbell said somewhere: Science is not a kind of religion, but religion is the now outdated science of long ago. Same applies to astrology and astronomy. Being an amateur-astronomer myself, I’m very aware of the current phase of the moon (now: waxing gibbous, almost full) and the constellations in the autumn sky (aquarius, piscus, taurus, gemini on the ecliptic, north pegasus, andromeda, auriga, south hardly visable orion rising). Both lore and lecture in the same view. Due to the citylights however, I can count only a handfull of these stars alas.

    Always curious: do you have vivid dreams because you’re aware of the constellationborders at date? And vv? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (by Philip K. Dick)