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Reply To: The Fault Lies in the Stars?


Stephen! I am terribly sorry to respond so late (the divorce has been harder than I expected). Though I am comforted in the words of one of our first communiques about the meandering and slow pace of the forum. In any event, please pardon my tardiness.

I wish I had more to offer to your question about what might be at work other than the clumsy and bumbling words that follow. Well, it is a curious thing, this matter of timing and consciousness. I suppose as most people grow older there comes a certain suspicion of invisible powers beyond the veil viaing for influence in this realm of ours, which may crystallize for some into certainty, not withstanding the empiricism of our modern era.

And perhaps there is something to dates and numbers through which those invisible powers exert their influences upon us. The whole thing is rather mysterious to me, but I find that in researching and learning about matters such as these, often reading between the lines harvests just as much, if not more knowledge, than what is often communicated directly. Perhaps it has to be this way for some unknown reason. It has been said that the Gods delight in hints and clues, but never explicitly convey their knowledge. Perhaps there’s something to that.

The whole thing is rather ineffable and leaves one committed to discovering the truth of these matters with no choice but to make their determinations and conclusions based on their own experiences and results, whatever they may be. Still though, many find that there is a certain alignment and thematic thread with these experiences, and the knowledge and wisdoms found in ancient mythology and religions, which does provide a certain level of validation and confirmation, however old and antiquated and out of alignment those things may be with modern fashions.

And Mars, as to your excellent question, yes, I do believe you’ve hit the matter on the head! Awareness and consciousness are at the very center of these ineffable mysteries – how deflating it is to say how little we truly know about them and their true nature. Still though, I find one of the most significant hints for me in this regard comes from quantum mechanics and the double slit experiment in which the presence of an observer determines whether a photon manifests as a particle or wave. Talk about an identity crisis!

Joking aside though, yes, I do think there is certianly something to the idea that something “clicks into place,” as it were, when consciousness becomes aware of certain things, and that perhaps combined with a power of intention, or of asking, in sequence with ancient timings, makes for the fortuitous planting of seeds for whatever desired experiences, or outcomese, whether dreams or otherwise. Maybe it is that prayer, fasting, meditation and other practices on the equinoxes helps manifest whatever one is attempting to bring about, however much such a notion is at odds with more current ways of understanding our world. I don’t know. Nevertheless, the whole thing is indeed a rather fascinating puzzle, to be alive in the world, and to dig into matters such as these.

Oh, and Mars, please pardon my ignorance, what does vv refer to?