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Reply To: Continuing Muse upon The Grail


Another muse: Parzeval moments…

There is a strong drawing to The Grail/Fisher King story and something beautiful and profound with a simple question being the answer.

One quick aside to those versed in this history. I’ve heard the question posed two ways: one “what ails thee Knight?”

and two: “whom does the grail serve?”

guess that depends on translation and writers. Just curious.

but moving on…we all love the beauty and mystery of this. The simple question being the answer. And when we receive and experience the story as is…we feel it resonate inside.

Yet when we pull back from the story grounded back in the Real…some part of us sighs inside…because “a simple question or answer,” does not work in “the real world.”

do our hearts not long for Parzeval moments? While the Spock mind argues reasonably against the unpracticality of such dreams?

Complexity drives us…sometimes it is necessary… and other times just frustrating.

but can we be so certain those simple moments do not occur?

What of Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin by accident?!!

Speaking of Parzeval moments!

Well yes he was a scientist knowledgeable in his field and was a good observer.
But his “messy” lab (GASP! Horror!) produced a “Happy Accident!” (as the PBS painter Bob Ross might have said)

And what a “Happy Accident it was!”

So ok Fleming himself was not fully aware of what he discovered except for a wonderful topical use.
And credit must be given to the dedicated scientists who followed Fleming who carefully studied the data from Fleming’s discovery and voila!
Fleming’s discovery was even more profound! (Round the world!)

Fleming simply opened a door or window just by observing the results of an “unintended” “accident.”

It is still mind blowing. That one revelation not even by experiment (at least not until later) but by accident!
Feels a bit Parzeval…hmm?
We are all thankful for the careful studying, which followed…but what a window to open!!

So here’s a question if Fleming had not discovered that…and a potential window was left available to others later… to find the treasure…wonder how it would go?
“Oh no a messy lab! Mold growing here and there! What to do…

“Wait a moment!” (she/he) squints the eyes…takes a sample, a microscope runs some tests to make certain and lo and behold! Eureka!!
(but still makes sure to clean the lab)

OR “this is a mess! Fungus Mold! Someone needs to be fired! Time to clean this mess! (And makes sure to clean the lab)

Penicillin? Guess then would have to wait a few more years to make its debut.

So seems like everything in balance

(disclaimer: of course the lab has to be cleaned as a matter of health and hygiene NOT suggesting otherwise but how Lucky Parzeval Fleming observed what he did first before unknowingly wiping away a “simple answer.”
It took Fleming’s open observation as well as dedicated study and data collection by others in years following.
Mind blowing what “the unexpected can reveal!”

So yes I am still digging those Parzeval moments in touch with something greater and beyond general ken. Yet at times profoundly simple.