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Reply To: Continuing Muse upon The Grail


Oh alas! I have tilted at a windmill and have become stuck wheeling around the simple point in the middle! ‘Tis true alas ‘tis true! Ha ha!
I am drawn to everything that is NOT a wasteland! In spite of the sorrows…I cry in joy for the beauties!
Speaking of which, Shaahayda, I have ordered the book “The Spell of the Sensuous” and am looking forward to reading it!!!
Perhaps I’m winding around and around because of refusing the wasteland!
Oh, The need for myth, a call to something more, a balancing of heart and intuition with mind and that something else transcendent!
It is a longing!

And It is obvious I need the quiet of the forest to replenish and soar on different wings!
I Thank the Universe for passion and inspiration, beauty and kindness which still exist!

There are enough journeyers out there, who are inspired by and hear that call…of discovery and seeking, learning or experiencing even if just the journey of a walk reconnecting with nature to replenish the soul! And that is hopeful!
Frustrations come and go. As human things as they must…like clouds passing overhead…storms and rain.
It was a cloud-shadow-moment.
Not All have given up on seeing the Simple Beauty in the Parcival moment!
Why else would so many be drawn here? Or to the myths, stories and dreams, which continue to inform our lives…and personal adventures?

So I’ll fly off this “windmill.” Heh heh.