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Reply To: Research Group: The Work of Joseph Campbell (Comparative Archetypal Mythology)

Tiago Alves

    Hi Stepnhe, how are you?

    Thanks for your questions.

    Unfortunately, for a better understanding among the participants of a topic that is already so complex, the research group will be for people who are fluent in Portuguese.

    The group’s proposal is to be a research group. The idea is to start from a systematic reading of Campbell’s work (Masks of God – at first), to enable the development of scientific articles. The idea is for each researcher to articulate their own line of research to be shared and collaborated by the group. The proposal is for each member to develop their own paper to be published. The group will serve to improve individual ideas without the need for a consensus other than what can be identified in Campbell’s own work.

    Best Regards

    Tiago Alves