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Reply To: “Myth-Construing” and other puns


”Myth Communicating” and “Myth Understanding”

So some apologies…the above was a little bit of a rant…grin…though there have been times, I have wished to challenge Campbell on some perspectives…just for fun/lively debate.

“Myth Communicating”  is about the challenge of talking about myths or from a mythic take to others with different life experiences.
I was thinking about kindness/etiquette and compassion. But can see that everyone here is very respectful so I’m talking to the choir.
The moments which have challenged me are when I’m expressing something from Campbell about various myths sometimes that goes well and other times I’m reminded it’s just someone’s opinion. So that’s interesting…
And I also sense especially because there are a lot of lonely people in the world some even without pets…they need an invisible “concrete” Presence to lean on for comfort. By whatever name Jesus…etc. And who am I to take away their comfort of spirit? What gives them hope for each day? (Understanding this is not the same as evangelizing/or crusading-what undoubtedly set Campbell and others away from their birth religions)

Everyone has his/her/their journey.
And I can no more put my face on them than they can on me.

The Other Challenge is what can be accepted as Myth?
Campbell made a stretch In Occidental Mythology because he crossed over into Mainstream religions of today. I thought nothing of it twenty years ago…understanding he was speaking of all the “Stories/Symbols/Psyche/Perspective,”through thousands of years in Mid and Near East.
Sometimes I think what is considered Myth is much more narrow today.
Everything from Sumer/Egypt/Greece and Rome/Vikings/Gaels can be considered Myth.
But Religions probably are retaining a not-myth status…as being Religions.
The East might be more open but not sure.

Then there is the whole other subject of the indigenous cultures around the world who now have the ability to tell their stories “in their own ways.” There has been some friction over those scholars more than just  Campbell who studied their cultures as “Outsiders,” for many the “Inside View,” was/is the most important because it’s their right to tell their own stories without any “white-eye” or “outsider,” interpretation. And I’m sure some would also argue “our stories aren’t myth”…except not all natives are traditionalists it’s a mix. But they are reclaiming their culture.
Wonder what Campbell would make of a book written by a modern indigenous person from their inner perspective?
(Understanding Native also means “modern,” not a relic of the past)

I’m sure it might be a challenging navigation but challenges can still be fun with a good mindset.

And then there are some who see the word “Goddess,” not in a metaphoric or empowering way but instead see it as a superficial description. That one surprised me…related to Mary in Catholic tradition…that the idea of her as a Goddess was to put her on a pedestal apparently a very patriarchal thing to do…where a woman has all this pressure to live up to some perfect ideal.
I never thought of it that way but always a different perspective out there chuckle.

Yet Mary still has a strong presence but more as a Woman. So definitely respect there. But it is her “Yes,” which makes her deed profound because it echoes around the world. And is positive for all women.
Because there is a strong women’s movement in the Church but not exactly as one might expect…heh heh.

So myth-navigation can be quite the journey!!! Since everyone has a different view! That’s life!