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Reply To: “Myth-Construing” and other puns


Thanks for the link Shaahayda!

That was great! Both Bradley Olson and Joe Campbell round up most of the thoughts bumping around in my psyche! Heh heh.

Brought back memories of listening to the Power of Myth too!

Myths open us…they do not define us.

Love that!

I want to be more succinct (good luck sun bug har har!)

There are many nuances to Campbell, much to ponder and reflect…and challenge…but I think there was always enough that resonated with me… and I still feel a jist of what he expressed.

My thoughts were on the sensitivities needed today even communicating about myth (not rebuttals-Stephen is right that’s a tangle of Ariadne’s thread best let be!)

But to the point: some would be offended to have their Religion or any “Main Religion”  Ever equated with myth.

I am thinking in terms of Semantics, but a serious take albeit with exceptions to the rule.
There is one Episcopal Preacher, who quotes Campbell all the time!

But it’s the idea that there is Comparative Religion (real belief systems)

And then there is “Mythology” and the Twain can never meet!!
But I imagine it’s based on a broadbrushed definition of Myth: made up stories usually Greek etc. 

When Campbell mentions
The Universal Aspect and the Local Aspect…that helped clarify my other thoughts.

The Eastern traditions seem to have a grasp on this…

But today because of cultural sensitivity Highly Understandable.

And because of Conquering/Colonization and other past sorrows…:(

Compassion must allow the Local view of various cultures the first respect and yield to it. Maybe there is a Universal view within a Local view….

But the point is that the stories of many cultures were written down from the outside-in…by “outsiders,” so NOW that communication is much broader each culture can tell their stories in their OWN way with their OWN voices…

I could see that being a challenge for Campbell…

Though interestingly, someone like Robert Mirabal because of travel also had a Campbell like perspective even though he also carried the traditions of his Pueblo culture.

Well it’s all interesting and maybe this time around I’ll close more succinctly!!