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Reply To: “Myth-Construing” and other puns


    Some thoughts to your initial post:

    The triplet of ‘myth-construing’, ‘myth-understanding’, and ‘myth-communicating’ are a three-bond inseparateble. The myth story is mirroring, it counters backwards too. Telling a story (any story in whatsoever form) is a distancing bridge between teller/writer ad reader/listener, rendering one’s experience into one’s other one. A rough translation will happen, but very doable as there was not so a distance as might appear. We’re stepping willingly into others former steps.

    This superhero-thing is very, very much painted by the last few centuries, where the occidential (western) ‘civilization’ has smothered all others, narrowing the broad spectrum to a singularity of greed, conquer and envy. But that’s not the whole story, it’s a minor contempoarly chapter actually. The current ‘white-eye’ view prooves rather inappropiate, to name global warming just one. A reform of this dominating culture can only come from within, after a fundamental confrontation, the opponents east and (more) west are preparing peacefully. The key to this counts for every domination throughout time and space: authenticity.

    We’re left to interpret the current ‘view’ into a more global, timeless perception and adopt local variaties accordingly, not to loose this authentical view.

    And the ultimate challange? How did it happen that this free-minded individual occidental viewpoint and way of life, overwhelmed the oriental subjugate-minded common-mode stasis? What did happen the last two odd centuries, one both opposites? There is very much to say about this issue and I’m really not able, nor willing, and not capable to judge whatsoever.