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Reply To: “Myth-Construing” and other puns


Thank you Mars for that excellent reflection!
As I wrote the word play, that inseparableness of the three felt woven together! You are right!
I love your use of “mirroring,” to describe the mythic story…and “bridging the distance,” between the “teller/writer,” and “reader/listener…”

“Rendering one’s experience into another one’s.”

It gives the experience/story life and energy, which is shared or re-experienced in a new way across that bridge.
I have mostly experienced positive in occasionally referencing Campbell or myth in conversation…very much what you describe above as far as crossing the bridge…doable.

“Myths open us…they do not define us…”

That line sticks in my mind because of

also deducing a closing aspect in response to some “mythic communication.”
Mainly, I think due to Myth being perceived with a more shallow or general definition. (Old Made up Stories)

When you write of Occidental “civilization,” smothering all others narrowing the broad spectrum to a singularity of greed,” 

It is difficult not to imagine a lament for all those individuals (not ego-driven) hidden and buried under “the broad spectrum,”

Very little room for Thoreau’s living with the land…or John Denvers or  Mirabal the Taos Pueblo …or Jane Goodalls, or Judith Jameson (Alvin Ailey) following individual unique roads, which still reach out beyond themselves making that bridge to others not out of greed but a desire to experience/share something deeper.

It feels too easy to see ALL the negative aspect especially when grouped up but as you said it’s a small chapter.

A reform from within makes sense. But alas…human nature throughout history has a pattern of attachment to the Reform from without. And that has played out in myriads of ways and reflected in our stories and histories.
It will be interesting to see how it will go…within/without…

Then there are the myths and stories which throw in some odd tangent or unexpected path into the woods as an unexpected key to some puzzle or another. Just to confuse the trip planner…kidding.

I’m sure the poets would prefer one pebble in the water… and the ripple effect…but Campbell would probably say life is “Messy.”

I don’t blame you on that last summary paragraph. It is a cavern best observed at a distance… and threads perhaps best not followed…you have knowledge of them but also are aware of the tangles that might ensue…

good counsel.