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Reply To: “Myth-Construing” and other puns


    …path into the woods…

    Reminds me about Frazer’s Golden Bough, an accumulation of assumptions and speculations, but at least showing us a perspective of the unwritten and distant ancient life. (He’s even been knighted for it!) It is all and about to explain what the priest in the wood holds for what purpose. Although written as late 19-century science (hmm…), one can better read it as modern myth. It is a ‘forbidden’ book! Diana’s temple there is a ruin, Turners painting an artistic rendition (approx in the same time), Macaulay’s poem a haunting echo: Those trees in whose grim shadow / The ghastly priest doth reign / The priest who slew the slayer / And shall himself be slain.

    …as an unexpected key…

    Another jump in my memory: a science fiction book (name and title forgotten) where a ‘mule’ (a somesort gifted person) changes unexpected the predicted and firmly course set evolution of a vast civilisation. It takes a very long time before the ripples have disappeared. Like a former guy in a white house, in another direction though.


    The Golden Bough - JMW Turner