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Reply To: “Myth-Construing” and other puns


Talk about interweaving! Fraser’s Golden Bough, Turner’s painting (love that!  Eerie and luminous at once) And the lines from MacCauley’s poem!
Thank you for sharing that Mars!!

Thinking of Diana and the luminous moon which also has its shadow side..

How the rough craters loom into a new perspective with the help of refractor telescope a terrain of different stories…

New knowledge through measurements and precision…ongoing…

Yet I think there is still a wonder held in balance alongside all the acquired knowledge and knowledge yet to be…the discoveries waiting to be noticed…

Or gaining that horizon to see the earth from the moon.

My Mother taught astronomy and had the wonderful experience of teaching astronomy at Fernbank and seeing the Lunar Module through the big telescope in 1969…when NBC covered Apollo 11…(there again a metaphor Diana’s brother!)

Mother later had a small observatory and the people who saw sights through  that telescope said it blew their mind…

(The Messier objects, Nebulas and Galaxies as well as close ups of the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.)

Some were inspired to a love of astronomy because of that.

It’s almost like having two experiences

Seeing the moon with all the new discoveries and studies that have unlocked the mysteries of old

AND imagining what it was like for the ancestors of the past to behold this bright yet shadowed orb shifting through its phases in the sky and an occasional eclipse.

Or to celebrate the landing of the parachuted Rover on Mars!

The unexpected comes in many forms.
And we all hope for that which brings positive ripples even if the journey brings a metaphoric unexpected key.