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Reply To: Would Joe Campbell Challenge Us?


What a beautiful and poignant response!
I almost was going to take this post off…so I suppose could say the 2nd question was muddy and uncertain.
And in reflection later…felt like i might be standing on a bridge.
Everyone approaches from a different path in the forest but all participate in the mythic dynamic…the wonder…Perhaps Campbell puts it much better in reference to staying in touch with ones spiritual center. I might erase my confusing question and replace it with #3.
It felt kind of awkward so it’s an uncertain out loud musing that’s trying to work through to something else and I have no clue what. Maybe it was momentarily imagining a parallel universe in which the system is mistaken for the center? And in that Universe Campbell would point out pointing beyond to point back IN…to the transcendent and Journey of the spirit which we all share? I kind of think it was a limb heh heh. And I keep seeing/hearing/experiencing enough beauty and wonder and am continually surprised…so in better reflection no weird parallel universe system will swallow us. And that’s a very hopeful place to be! I prefer trees and starlight  over black holes!
After reading your post Shaahayda, that funny little limb is no longer necessary, because whatever 2nd subconscious question was rumbling and rambling inside my head was answered.
Thank you!!