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Reply To: Would Joe Campbell Challenge Us?



I enjoyed your response to Sunbug’s question. It could very well be that ‘seeming’ indifference to activism would be difficult for many Campbell followers is what I feel strongly, and that is how Campbell might want us to be.

To Campbell a convincing mythology is one that is in sync with the cosmology of the the time. Although  cosmology is “the scientific study of the large scale properties of the universe as a whole.”, it has an enormous impact on us culturally.

Our perception of the world has changed because of cosmology. “If we select four fundamental causes of changes in our perceptions of the world in the last century, then they would be first relativity, second quantum mechanics, third the expanding universe and fourth, the space programme.”  The human space program continues to grow and expand.  Cosmology has impacted our culture, our arts, and our way of life, and it’s this impact in every sphere of our lives is what Joe would challenge us to probe, to observe, to study.