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Reply To: Would Joe Campbell Challenge Us?


That’s brilliant Stephen! I don’t even need questions (ha ha.) That’s it to a T! And it would be very difficult, yes. That is an excellent point and observation! I’m sure it ties into the joyful sorrows of the world. I think can see something from that side of it…if one imagines a child being born and experiencing joys of being alive and learning should one tell the child to never smile or laugh because the world is a sorrowful place where others are hurting? What if the child’s joy is what leads to her/him making a positive dent? Compassion to (suffer with) comes from Love not guilt…my take.
I probably would struggle more with Campbell’s take on War (there are more nuances around that subject today even beyond “tribalism,” and “ignorance,” alone.) And the word has almost become a household metaphor for any kind of “activism,” for change. BUT I much prefer to lean into Peace, Love and Understanding (Elvis Costello) to “give that more of a chance” in my thoughts!! ( or Maybe because  it was John Lennon’s B-day yesterday?)And yes I re-edited this in case the post looks different today Stephen.  I don’t want to be a gloomy harbinger or ruminator…these times are hard enough! The Native raven is my happier metaphoric totem…even if alas there is some scots/Irish in my background too! If the melancholy psyche does come out to play, I find it goes much better with music and rain…healing places to be! (And transform!) But back to subject!

Thank you so much for your answer Stephen! That is the same rascally sense of Campbell I have gleaned!
Also love the way you say his “seeming,” indifference…which suggests to never read a book by its surface…Campbell would want us to “see,” deeper.

Campbell’s “mythic take on Fear,” would be very challenging as well. Though looking deeper one might sense Campbell would be “saddened,” by it.
One also wonders if Joe Campbell would go charging out that gate beyond the bounds even if we were all yelling and begging him to stop…to turn around and come back because he “has to!”
BUT I think there IS one thing that would stop him…Jean.
If Jean told him to stay and not charge with worry in her eyes…that she needed him not to charge…he would turn towards her…

Because just like the knight who was asked to become Christian that Joe Campbell once referenced…the knight who became Christian because the woman he loved/admired was Christian

so too I think Joe Campbell would turn to his Goddess because where she was the world would fall away…and he would do it for her!

You are right too Shaahayda love Stephen’s answer as well as both of yours. (The cosmology of the time…now that opens thoughts out a bit…love that!)

and apologies for the tangents and straying into the weeds! Perhaps mornings might (chuckle) bring more succinct clarity!

Next round maybe challenging Campbell. But will try to give it a space.