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Reply To: Pilgrimage


It ultimately converged to Frazer’s The Golden Bough, explaining the customs of long ago, and the worship of  Diana (the prime hunting goddess) and this remarkable priesthood of the king of the wood, and being there, under the little city of Nemi, on the other rim of the craterlake the old and new towns of Arricia, a complete ruin of a temple complex, excavated with toothbrushes to preserved what had left, but circling around, on the west side the mirroring lake, blues and blushes, on the steep eastern slope the remnants of a forest green and shady and no one was there, and everything was there, as if one was peering through the looking glass throughout all forgotten history.

And a year later, suddenly abundently surrounded by these golden branches falling from a tree I briefly paused under. Yet one other pelgrimage awaits me, as an antipode in the underworld.