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Reply To: Seeking Feedback for Children’s Book


Hello Andrew,

I took a quick look at your story outline. I’ll return to it later when I have time to peruse it at my leisure – but seems a sweet little tale.

As admin, I did take the liberty of changing your raw link so that it opens on a separate page (so forum participants can read it without having to worry about navigating back to the discussion).

Lucid dreaming is an intriguing subject. I’ve recorded over a thousand dreams in dedicated journals the past three decades, which include several instances of being awake within a dream. I don’t seek those experiences out (I prefer the dream unfolding on its own, rather than attempting to consciously guide it – though your story makes clear dreams still work their magic even if we are aware we’re dreaming). Usually, once I become aware I’m dreaming, the dream dissolves soon after and I awake – but I do appreciate those instances where the dream continues.

That happened most recently just a few nights ago, when I found myself on an unfamiliar balcony: aware I was dreaming, I carefully examined the setting of the dream, attempting to impress it on my memory, even running my hands over the adobe-colored stucco walls, touching the smooth brass railings – and then slipped back into full immersion, forgetting I was dreaming until the morning, when I scribbled the dream in my journal, including the lucid episode.

Exactly one week later, visiting a different city to see a production of Hamilton, had a wonderful moment in a hotel where I’d never stayed before when I recognized the balcony outside my room – right down to the adobe-colored stucco walls, brass railings, and the view . . .

Feel free to peruse our relatively new forum on dreamwork (Myths, Dreams, and Reflections); you can jump in to one of the existing discussions (don’t worry if no one has posted in a while – a new comment is bound to draw others), or open a conversation on the subject of lucid dreaming. In fact, I’d love it if you would add a title or two or more on lucid dreaming to our Helpful Books on Dream thread.