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Reply To: Seeking Feedback for Children’s Book


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the warm welcome, and for adjusting the link; I agree that will make it much more convenient.

I completely agree with you, dreams, whether lucid or not, are such powerful and mysterious experiences, often giving us sprinkles of hints of the future that only make sense once they have come to pass, for example, as with your dream of the hotel balcony. Sometimes, I will have a dream and it is only years later, when re-reading the journal, that I make a connection, or connect the dots, as Steve Jobs put it. This gets into all sorts of fascinating questions about the nature of consciousness and time itself.

One of my own most important lessons, back when I was following a strict lucid dream induction practice, was allowing “the dream to unfold on its own,” as you so aptly put it. I think for many people new to lucid dreaming, as I was at that time, the will comes to the forefront of the lucid dreaming experience, experiencing that power and control is exhilarating, especially at the beginning. But you’re right – dreams contain messages, usually in the forms of images, symbols and story, and when we impress the will too deeply upon the dream, we run the risk of losing that message. Certainly, we can conclude that there is an intelligence, a consciousness, behind our dreams. Is that a part of us, our sub/unconscious mind? Or is it external to us, for example, as displayed in one of my favorite paintings, the Annunciation of Saint Emidius, somehow beaming dreams down to us, as in the painting? These are big questions.

In any event, over time, I have come to see that the deepest joys of lucid dreaming come not from will and power, but connecting and co-creating with that mysterious presence, and not overdoing it – we need non-lucid dreams in order to receive those messages in their most pure, unadulterated form, untouched by the creative force of lucidity, in order the gain the most from their guidance.

Anyway, I am sorry, I’ve rambled on so much! I suppose it’s inevitable when it comes to matters such as these, so close to the heart.