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Reply To: Seeking Feedback for Children’s Book


Feel free to “ramble on” to your heart’s content, Andrew. You may have noticed by now that conversation in these forums unfolds leisurely, rather than at the frenetic pace of Facebook and other meme-driven social media (where intriguing posts tend to scroll off one’s newsfeed and out of sight in a matter of hours, or days at best, and depth is rare).

Turnaround is much slower here. It’s not unusual for forum users to let ideas simmer and percolate a few days, even weeks, before replying to a thought-provoking post – and many posts are often “long form,” rather than social media sound bites. An additional advantage  over FB is that this content lives on: there are more than a few conversations that appear to have petered out months ago, which are rediscovered and revived by a new arrival who adds their thoughts, generating further discussion.

So no worries about writing too much, especially on a fascinating subject like this (though thanks for starting the thread on lucid dreaming – it will make the subject easier to find for forum users).