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Reply To: Universal Consciousness/Universal “Sam”


One character story example I like of universal consciousness is Samwise Gamgee. But since he does his little every man/hobbit/being speech…I’ll take in mind anyone can be Sam (of any background, culture or place…just to add to the universal ness of it) But even more than appearance it is about heart.
Sam is not a savior…he is a symbol of something inside each of us and the best part. In the darkest times he finds an untouchable star high above Mordor.
There is something so beautiful in that! And then there are his acts of kindness yeah I know when he carries Frodo…the sniffles in the movie audience.

But back to his “good deeds.” Sam is simply helping. Simply doing good. But even that small good makes a ripple.

There is a scene in The Hobbit and it may have been translated differently to screen. (Adapted addition from LOTR appendices?) Galadriel asks Gandalf “Why the halfling?”

And he says something to the effect that Saruman only believes great power can change the world but he (Gandalf) believes in simple every day deeds of kindness.”

It fits. And this to me is Sam to a T.

Then I thought about the words “The Greater Good,” words, which suggest a multiplicity of good or bigger or better good. Where this makes sense to me is the most good such as what or where can one do the most good? That makes common sense.

Yet throughout time “the greater good,” has often been a double-edged sword.
And here it is impossible for me to not think of Sam.
The Greater Good can be a choice that one or many make. A choice to do the greater good.
But Sam simply does good. He often does it spontaneously without thinking much about it except from the heart.
And the good he does though small echoes from him out to everyone else.
Sam doesn’t see himself as a hero only an adventurer caught up in a dangerous story with his friends. Sometimes he feels small. But it makes him even braver.
The greater good can be a lofty ideal to aspire to collectively.  But for me, I’ll probably remember the simple acts of good of the Samwise Gamgees everywhere around the world the best. Not only acts of good but kindness. Bodhisattva?? We certainly need more kindness and compassion in the world!
Sam is not doing good for goods sake…(a principle of the appearance of honor?) but rather he simply does good because he is compassionate and I think that’s why I and we and so many of us love him!

This is the place where I will trade the Collected Unconscious for Universal Consciousness. Collected Unconscious works to study myths in general but to “experience them,” and allow these stories to invite us to these imaginal realms of reflection and awareness and realization then I’m all for Universal Consciousness and Universal “Sam.”

In this case just in this moment a collected Unconscious becomes too impersonal for me, even if it’s an accurate description because whatever drives our inner nature to compassion feels Supra-personal….

The story of the policeman saving the man committing suicide on the bridge.

Campbell said “the whole world drops away.”

But I also wondered if what the policeman saw in that man’s eyes was himself and the whole world?
If everything comes in pairs of opposites is it possible the whole world or universe also opens up?
Looking into someone’s eyes is a very personal experience.
Don’t the myths and stories not only give us relatable themes but also characters who become like avatars of our imagination? (While we stray momentarily into these “other worlds)
We “watch/read” them and sometimes “become them,” or see ourselves in them or even our friends.
So that’s why I love the spontaneous  Universal Consciousness of Sam!
We need more Sam’s in the world!