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Reply To: Luke Skywalker’s Expansion of Consciousness


Thank you, Chris, for sharing this production. A labor of love, yes, but the quality of the presentation, including the graphics, the pacing, the narration, are clear.

Though I tend to collect theories of consciousness, the Ten Terrains model has been flying my radar. Luke Skywalker’s story arc is a useful entry point, and certainly served its purpose, prompting me to visit the Ten Terrains website.  It does seem a useful model, and I appreciate that the authors, while explaining differences, do not set it at odds with the many other helpful models.

I am curious about Luke Skywalker’s development in the final trilogy of the film series, and where the seeming setback, when  his failure leads to the destruction of his school and death of his students, fits into the Ten Terrains model.

Just a brief housekeeping note: We ask that forum participants post their creations (papers, art, video, music, etc.) in the Share Your Work Corner (a subforum within The Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum). Eventually I’ll move this thread over there, but for the moment I’ll leave it here so more eyeballs see it.