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Reply To: Just for enjoyment: Loki the Raven and guitar


Very cute, Sunbug – and the link was almost perfect. The only drawback is that when I click on it, it leaves this page and takes me elsewhere; what we’re aiming for are links that open on a different page, so users don’t have to navigate their way back to COHO (or get distracted and not come back to COHO).

I thought I would post a couple screenshots that might help. First is what happens when you highlight a few words and click on the hyperlink icon (which looks like a diagonal paperclip in the small menu at the top as you write your post):

Posting field

As the image makes clear, you highlighted the words you wanted to link (Loki the Raven), clicked on the hyperlink icon, and then pasted the address of the link into the field provided. That part is perfect – but then, you needed to click on the gear or sprocket icon all the way to the right this field, to the right of the arrow. If you had, then the following field would have opo-up would opened:

Then, as the above graphic shows, all you have to do is select the box that says “Open link in a new tab,” and click the blue Update button in the bottom right. Don’t worry about anything else in this pop-up.

The fields should then disappear, and you can continue on with the rest of your post.

Hope that helps