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Reply To: Boxing Transcendence? (Re-edit-shorter)


Yes.  That’s brilliant…great metaphor Stephen! Now I’m thinking of how someone might visually explain the beauty of Stephanie’s voice to someone who cannot hear.
And then speaking of the sixties…;-)

You get this from John Lennon

“Listen to the color of your dream.”

Everything you and Joe Campbell said about transcendence (that’s exactly what I imagined…) the place or experience  where there are no words…

It really is like “penning a shadow to a wall.”
I saw what you said in Monica’s forum about Joe Campbell’s conversational style/tone in Reflections on Living (love that book) And it’s true..he reaches out to his audience…it’s lovely.
I miss him, though I came late to Power of Myth series…in a re-run many years ago…maybe around 1994?
I love The way Joe Campbell just cuts right to the heart of a matter as you show above. It would be delightful and fascinating to hear him today!…ahh…well…

   I don’t know if it’s because we live in a more technical/digital culture…

But it is hard for me to think of myths and storytelling just as something that does or could serve a useful purpose.
It’s that something more, the experience, the spontaneous compassion, the mystery, that has engaged me and so many others I am sure. And has brought many together to  ponder, wonder…dream.
Joe nailed it (well as close as anyone can laugh) from the start.