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Reply To: Realizations Upon Reading the Hero With a Thousand Faces


Thank you, I love this quote and your remarks. Where was that Q & A from, from The Power of Myth? Parts of that quote are familiar to me. Are you editing that new publication? That will be a great read. That “other dimension” is what so many of us attempt to project, into the sky, into the big “beyond” and then being little and burying a dead bird found in the woods or one’s yard, or burying a pet goldfish. I remember seeing a butterfly with a broken wing barely moving as if it was dying on the ground and trying to put it back onto a flowering bush so it could have its last taste of nectar, of the sweetness of life, or else be somehow strengthened back to life and healing. I sat there with it for a while and then later I put it back on the ground under the bush so that it would not suffer failing out of the bush since it had a torn wing. I remember feeling so sad for the butterfly and wanting to do something for it. The next day I went back to the flowering bush and the butterfly was gone. I wish I had known how to mend its wing.
–Mary Ann