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Reply To: Realizations Upon Reading the Hero With a Thousand Faces



It’s the experience of death that I regard as the beginning of mythic thinking – the actual seeing of someone dead who was alive and talking to you yesterday – dead, cold, beginning to rot. Where did the life go? That’s the beginning of myth.

That’s what happened, I think, in the Paleolithic caves when burials came in. “I thought that was all you were, but now, my gosh, there’s another dimension to this.” And if that can be recognized after death, well, to have it recognized before death, look what it does!
Whether a Neanderthal hunter-gatherer, or a small child in our contemporary era, the imaginal process would appear to be the same . . .”

Dear Stephen, I had to read this over and over again because although it sounds really simple to understand, but actually I felt that was just the surface of the ocean.  But there’s something that just keep coming into my head and that is the object of a circle.  At the end or once where the last breath was given by the dying, after the spirit has left its body, where does it go? I remembered looking around for my grandpa after he just gave his last breath.  I tried to imagine (the childish side), but I just knew quietly that he’s getting a different kind of view from where he’s at.  We will never know of course.

The circle that I kept thinking about after talking to my girlfriend, she said it’s the circle that I go back to the beginning again.  The place that I have to start again with myself. What happened was, I felt my grandpa was telling me to let go all of the anger and accusations I had with one of my family members from what they’ve done before to my dad.  During my grandpa’s last breath, that message just somehow came into me as I watched him.  Like he knew what was holding me hostage on the inside…so after that message he passed away.  Then right after, my uncle came in (he was the one) with my cousins, and he wept.  Then I knew what my grandpa meant (he didn’t speak, I just only looked at him.) So it began a new relationship with my uncle and my cousins.  I have to say that I am so grateful and finally able to open up to him.  For me, that’s just one of the circles in life, and yet more will come and they’ll all be together like a Native American tapestry or weaved circles intertwined together. (I came in full circle for this part, because I realized mankind can spend their whole lives hating and killing each other.  What good does that ever do to anybody?)

So death perhaps isn’t so much the end…its not the end, it maybe the end for a certain material body, but the spirit will transcend.  Or maybe the spirit was never meant to remain on this material world ever, the spirit was never from this place in the beginning.