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Reply To: Realizations Upon Reading the Hero With a Thousand Faces


Realizations or revalations are experienced by everyone and everything on mostly unexpected moments and thus not understood and absorbed fully in their extend. That’s not what we’re busy with. We’re surviving, not revelating our life. That would not work. But some are given it, and somethimes a sudden peeking through a keyhole may reveal a landscape, smaller or larger then expected, as through a magnifying or reducing mirror (Alice in WL), which is so much beyond understanding, being it a mummy or a bird, messengers from our now or a distant past, not intentionnally for our benefit, but as a changeover, like changing currency to enter another country, another realm, a share on mutual grounds.

What was one of the secrets of life (rehearsal of previous lesson): in order to live we have to consume what has lived only recently and has offered itself out of life and polarized experience we’re still engaged in. Until our time has come and our blessings will be devoured by others, feeding them with our nutrients and possibly an echo of those previous revelations.

All rituals, performed by humans (!), are based upon this guilt, as we, the same humans, ourselves framed as gods or blessed by our invented gods, are not as such and seek for redemption of this awareness our grasp into eternity. (I did not looked this up, my fingers just typed it while I was pooring myself a hartly drink at 2:15am). Ritualized, the deceased and the wingless are carrying us upward accordingly, in their proper virtue. So they, as we, now or whenever, are blessed as well, dead and buried, alive or unborn. And next morning, the mummified birdface gaze at you in that same mirror.