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Reply To: Realizations Upon Reading the Hero With a Thousand Faces


Hi Mars,

I enjoy the poetic quality of your response here, the poetic language. Meanwhile, I have the following thoughts:

I consider that the experience is different for different people. It seems to me that I have spent my life in the activity of experiencing things and ‘revelating’ my life in/with that experience ever since I can remember as if reflection of this sort is simply in my nature. I live a lot of my moments on earth in retrospect, review, memory, memoir, and building upon them. I don’t always will it so–often it just so happens, even while I am busy surviving, as you say.  The symbols in life often re-occurring  with their re-occurring themes, as Stephen noted here in his responses.

Nothing more, nothing less–it comes natural to me to think and ‘revelate’ /reveal. I think this is a common urge and way of being for those people who enter a mythic forum like this one–isn’t it that we are all in one way or another constantly unpacking things? All these relics to unwrap! All these mythologems!

Then, perhaps, in the arts!

A stroke of thought becomes a stroke of revelation becomes a brushstroke! Or a stroke of thought becomes a new line in a poem becomes a stanza and there is that revelation of the moment!  Life being full of revelation, always telling us each a story about this earth and its creatures or elements or aspects of life! A stroke of thought becomes the urge to hear a certain song we love! Or to respond here in the forum upon reading someone’s post!


Mary Ann