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Reply To: Themes in Joseph Campbell’s Thought


I wonder if we might return to the legitimacy of  imagination as a way into accepting the knowledge that myths of the times before us shared, so that they might still resonate with us today. I am not looking for an all encompassing myth, since that is not possible given the diversity of cultures, experiences and peoples. This is not the aim as I see it, rather it is really important to understand the myths of those who came before us and use them as a structure in creating a myth that reflects our time. I agree with the Gaia Hypothesis, but we shan’t create a myth in too scientific terms-then we are missing out on the imaginative element of myth. We are already bereft of an ability to speak in metaphor, in allusions and just sheer beauty, so I advocate for a language that incorporates all the senses-even those that terrify , the rhythm of  music, the ability to create what is possible. It seems to me a bulwark against the cynicism that it so much part of our experience in the world today-so many of the myths at least left us with hope despite what was often dire and frightening.